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Jessie Wise is Fluent in Spanish and loves animals more than most humans, with a particular affinity for her cat, George Bailey. Jessie is currently a performer at Disneyland and an actor at The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience, where she lives out her fiery passion for interactive theater. She has been in dozens of theatrical productions since the second grade, and has no intention of stopping as the list continues to grow. She has been singing her entire life, with ten years of vocal training under her belt. She studied musical theatre at Fullerton College, while secondarily studying theatrical costuming. Fullerton College’s outlets offered Jessie the opportunity to study 18th and 20th century costuming at an advanced level, consequently being appointed Head of Wardrobe for the musical, “Spring Awakening”. She has attained extensive knowledge in pattern drafting, draping, and costume construction. Her time at Fullerton College also inspired an interest in makeup application, resulting in numerous jobs as a makeup assistant for many theaters, minor films, web series, and even television shows. The only thing more fun than applying makeup? Wearing it! Jessie has been a model for multiple photographers and catalogues. She loves modeling, and having the chance to collaborate and bring other people’s art to life.




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Jessie Kalea Wise


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